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Getting started and verification

What is the verification and what is this for?

Verification is confirmation of the authenticity of the documents of River Coins Payment users

What are RVCs? Who will benefit from the service?

River Coins cryptocurrency - (abbreviation RvCs), is a digital currency, accounting for internal units of account, which is provided by the decentralized payment system River Coins. RvCs is a cryptocoin, a payment tool that will help you in solving various kinds of issues and tasks, if you are a private or legal person from anywhere in the world. The RvCs rate is always pegged to the dollar. 1 RvCs = 1 $. Who will benefit from RvCs? Anyone who wants to transfer money with a minimum commission For individuals business Online Stores Services Service Sites What can be done using RvCs? Keep money Get passive income Make and receive payments Giving and taking loans Transfer money to other users

How long does verification take?

Usually, verification takes up to 72 hours. In very rare cases, there may be exceptions.

Do you have discounts or special offers?

Oh sure! When switching to the “Business” tariff plan, any transfer will cost you only 0.25% of any amount.

Is registration required on your site?

Yes, registration is required. User registration is a step necessary for the security of users and their funds. Access to your personal account is possible only after registration.