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Is the commission the same for translation and withdrawal or is the commission different?

There are 3 types of accounts in River Coins Payment, which you can choose at the registration stage or change through support. You can get acquainted with the commission on the page * Tariffs *.

Can I get a billing statement?

In your personal account of River Coins Payment, you can export in the * Transaction history * tab.

Does the service has payment limits?

River Coins Payment hasn't transfer or withdrawal restrictions at the moment. You can personally set limits on withdrawal for security purposes in the * Security * tab.

What are the reasons for unsuccessful payment?

Reasons for not successful payment in River Coins Payment are: -Insufficient amount of funds on your card; -Operating limit is exceeded - Ban on sending from this IP -Blocked recipient's account - Doubtful account activity, contact support

Paid service was not received. What to do?

If River Coins or fiat funds have not been credited to the account, we strongly recommend contacting our technical support to find out the circumstances and reasons for the incomplete payment.

What should I do if the money to pay for the service was withdrawn twice?

If the money was withdrawn from your account twice,the money will be returned to your account automatically, since the order has already been paid and the payment has no purpose. If the money is not returned to your account, be sure to contact support at [email protected]

If I have a business account, how can I make personal transactions?

When creating a personal account for River Coins Payment, you have the opportunity to link a business account and vice versa. After linking accounts, Personal account automatically becomes the main account.

How can I protect my account?

River Coins Payment encrypts all data received from the user and follows a clear privacy policy, using 9 levels of security and protection of your data. You can enable all protection functions in your personal account in the * Security * tab.

How to send a payment?

In our service, verification is not required to send and receive a payment. In your personal account, on the balance tab, you just need to enter the user's wallet address and the amount of RvCs and click the "Submit" button. Done, your payment has been sent.

How to get paid?

In our service, verification is not required to send and receive a payment. In your personal account, on the balance tab, your wallet address is indicated. Give this address to the person from whom you expect payment and wait for the transfer.

I transferred money. When will they be in the recipient's account?

Money will be displayed in the system within 1 hour from the moment of replenishment of the account. After 1 hour, they can already be used.